From trauma to emotional freedom

VOCALISE is an American charity founded in New York state in 2019. VOCALISE's goal is to bring strength, hope, courage and self-respect to children who suffered from physical or psychological traumas so that they have greater chances to grow into mindful and loving adults, free from their past. We wish to produce beautiful musical experiences conveying positive and hopeful messages to children in hospitals and orphanages, and to children who have been victims of abuse, including incest. Ultimately, we want to expand our actions to places where the victims are not identified, such as schools. We wish to break the cycle of repetitions: once a victim, always a victim. The future does not equal the past.We have the ability, strength, and faith to take our power back.

We intend to bring a beautiful experience along with positive messages to

children who suffered from trauma. Our projects include and are not

restricted to: the production of an inspirational CD, musical performances

and tales, breathing and musical workshops.

We are currently focusing on the writing of "The Journey of The Heart",

an inspirational and musical tale for children and adults.

Together, we can make the world a better place!

Anna Cley

Founding President

Communication Coordinator

Board Director

Board Director

Website Designer

We need you!

We are currently looking for volunteers:

- Marketing (logo, social medias, branding)

- Treasurery

- Direction of charitable giving

- Direction of communication

- Professional pianist

- Specialists in pediatric anxiety

- Story teller / Writer

- Legal support

We appreciate experienced profiles, as much as young profiles. We will be happy to designate Directors when we will meet the right persons.



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