​Channel your inner power through alignment, breathing and vocal work.

A 4 week-program to become a confident and charismatic leader

using the power of posture, breathing technique and voice.



Breathing, a natural and innate ebb and flow, is the permanent bridge between life and death. Impacted by stress and the ensemble of emotions felt while growing in a specific environment that involves the immediate surroundings and society, our body can become limited and limiting.

A key parameter of well-being and charismatic presence, breathing, and by extension voice, is also a bridge between ourselves and others. We breathe the same air that others breathed and will breathe.

I initiated this project in 2018. In light of the global crisis, this program could not be more timely. How do we get to breathe and expand in a world encouraging us to distance and to hide behind masks?

In this e-course you will learn how to master the breathing movement to find confidence and feel empowered. You will learn to channel your vital energy into your voice to feel stronger and guide others with confidence. By mastering your breathing and the projection of your voice, you will develop both your self-confidence and your charisma.

Strengthened by 24 years of opera singing, I gathered the best methods to deepen breathing and to project the voice efficiently. I want to share with you the same tools that helped me overcome my introversion and heal my traumas.


I created a step-by-step 4 week-program that gives you the methods you need to understand and perfect your vocal instrument and the flow of your speech, and to become a great communicator.


It is designed for non-singers willing to develop their charisma and self-confidence by re-embodying their body and owning their inner power.


After you sign up for the program, you will receive every week a series of exercises with explanations and videos for the duration of the program.

Regular practice is key here: It is recommended to practice the weekly exercises for a few minutes everyday.

2 options

Power Program
4-week digital course

Breakthrough Program
Exclusive offer
4-week digital course
+ 4 private sessions (50 min each)




You will receive a digital workbook + access every week to your weekly exercises during the 4 weeks. The access to your weekly exercises opens every Monday for the duration of the program. Once you finish the program, you will keep your member's access permanently, including future updates.

Week 1: Introductory exercises - Understanding and awareness.

Week 2: Master your breathing flow.

Week 3: Master your vocal flow.

Week 4: Own your power.



During this private session, Anna Cley will assess and address your  specific needs when it comes to building your self-confidence and mastering your leaderhip skills and charismatic presence. She will give you customized tips and methods to breakthrough and level up. Such expertise applied to your specific situation will be a true game changer.

Your coaching session is valid up to 90 days after the date of purchase.

To access your program, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Send your payment of $90 for the e-course only or  $750 for the e-course + private coaching.
  2. Sign up on the website (top right on your screen). Your program will start on the Monday following your registration.
  3. Email us to let us know at which email address you would like to receive your workbook.
  4. If you purchased a private consultation, contact us to schedule a time.
Partial scholarship
Students and unemployed workers who lost their job due to the covid-19 pandemic: Power Program available at $49.
Email us.
​Full scholarship
In partnership with the nonprofit organization VOCALISE, there are full scholarships available on the Breakthrough Program. To learn more, visit vocalise.com and email us.
Any questions or concern? Send an e-mail here.